About Us


Welcome to Flawless India Infotech

We began our journey as a Digital Marketing and web development company. The success and the trust put on us by the clients have made us realize our potential of providing more solutions to real-time problems. In this quest was born Flawless India Infotech with our School ERP system.

We have identified gaps in school operations. To fill the gap, we have developed this School ERP Software to help run a school efficiently. Also, the software has become necessary in these times of fast information dissemination at the click of a button.

Concrete research has gone into the making of the software. We have studied the business of running a school thoroughly and designed the software based on the identified points.

We are confident that our software will make running a school hassle free and further any future requirements will be fulfilled by us.

Why choose Us?

We are a trusted company with experience in providing software solutions to our clients.

Our software is feature-heavy and is affordable.
The ERP system functions seamlessly across platforms be it a desktop computer or a smartphone.
The data you enter in the ERP is secure in your hands. We do not access your data.
Not all features are necessary for a school. We understand this and tailor-make the ERP System as per your requirements.

Mission & Vision


Through our ERP System, it is our mission to help Schools Managements to shed the old ways of running a school and bring efficiency to their operations at a pace marching the digital era.


To enable businesses to handle their day-to-day operations with ease and bring them good Return on Investment (RoI).