Goal's of ERP System

Operating a school involves performing many complex tasks day-in and day-out. The traditional way of running a school is now a pass. Efficiency became the need of the hour. It is being fulfilled by many technological advancements. Our ERP system is one such solution that brings efficiency.

The main goal of our ERP system is to replace inefficient redundant systems in managing a school. For example, handling attendance. The traditional way of paper-based attendance to determine salary payment is time-consuming. By integrating biometric attendance system with it, our ERP System provides accurate information to determine the salary.

Many such features in our ERP eliminates redundancy and brings efficiency. For the management, the ease of operations saves money. For students and parents, knowing academic information becomes easy.

The other goal is to make a school ready for the future of education where technology is going to play a huge role. Through our ERP, the school management can keep track of a student's academic performance real-time. Lesson planning, examination scheduling etc, can be done.

Adopt this management tool for the efficient functioning of the school and for better outcomes.

Admission Management

We are providing Admission Management System where school can manage entire admission process.

Examination Management

School can manage entire examination process including Marks Entry, Grade Entry, Remark Entry, Report generation and Report Card Printing here.

Fee Management

School can manage entire fee collection and report generation process here in Fee Management System.


School can manage School Routes, School Stops, and Route Wise student/Staff assignment and can get the route wise details from here.

Student Information System

School can manage Student database in Student Information System & can provide ID Cards, Fee Certificate, Transfer Certificate etc

Staff Management

School can manage Staff database & staff recruitment in ERP & can also generate Gate Pass for them.

Feature's of ERP

Our ERP System makes handling of day-to-day operations easy for the school. It provides valuable information to parents about their wards. For students, it helps them keep track of their learning goals. And for Teachers, they can view their lessons plan in the system.

Available in plug-and-play mode, the following are the key features of our ERP System:

  • A communication dashboard for student, parent, and Principal
  • Student and Staff Database Management
  • Lesson Planning diary for Teachers
  • Homework assignment and review of progress
  • Fee/Payroll/Salary Management
  • A Mobile Application for Student, Staff, Administration and Transport Incharge.

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